Dameon E. Madison - Pastor, Coach, Writer and Strategist - founded D.E.M. Strategic Solutions to help leaders and organizations realize their true potential. Too many organizations today are simply not thriving, not because they lack passion or purpose but the strategic pathway necessary to do so.  D.E.M. has the ability to develop details borne out of visioning - to accomplish goals and objectives.   

As leaders, we desire a fully engaged, high-functioning team/organization, in order to achieve this there are a few things we must do well – provide a meaningful purpose to our work, communicate a clear vision of where we are heading, and establish the foundation of a healthy culture. This allows the team to feel they belong, their contributions matter, and they are making a difference. 

In today's cultural context, we must be attuned to the tremors in society. Our organizations must be able to address social issues by engaging in solution based work externally and creating healthy intersectionality internally.   D.E.M. helps facilitate the necessary conversations in developing such a culture and providing the sensitivity coaching and training necessary to maintain and grow.  

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